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Matt Butler Premieres 'Just One' Video for Upcoming Documentary 'Generation Found'
12/7/2016 by Jenna Romaine

NYC singer/songwriter Matt Butler has had his share of struggles, like most people do. However, Butler has taken strides to take what he’s learned from his own hardships so he can help others. Butler recently partnered with filmmakers Greg Williams and Jeff Reilly to create the song “Just One” for their upcoming documentary Generation Found, an inspiring film about a community in Houston that's uniting to fight youth addiction.

The touching video for “Just One” debuting today (Dec. 7) on Billboard features footage from Generation Found, with clips that are simultaneously heart-breaking and uplifting. The upbeat nature of the song combined with the imagery, acknowledges the harsh realities of addiction while remaining optimistic about the prospect of helping one-another on the road to recovery.

In addition to the Houston community, Butler drew from his own struggles with addiction and alcoholism, as well as his path to recovery while writing “Just One.” His difficult experiences are further chronicled in his latest album Reckless Son. "There is nothing better than being able to do what you love in the service of a higher, greater good,” said Butler. “As an artist and as someone in recovery, writing 'Just One' for the film Generation Found gave me the chance to do exactly that. This experience has been a gift and I’m grateful to be a part of this moment.”

Watch the moving video for the song below and catch the Generation Found premiere on Dec. 14th at SVA Theater in NYC.